From an early age I knew I wanted to be an engineer. I wanted to work with technology. I remember being going to a girls only conference in the 8th grade called Expanding Your Horizons. It was a place were professionals from around the country talked to girls about what is now called STEM careers. I knew pretty much then I was going to work with computers.

My parents gave me a Laser 50 one year for Christmas and I started learning the very basics of Basic. I could write a hot or cold game on that tiny lcd screen and it would play it right. I still had a lot to learn.

It wasn't until college that I actually started to take a big interest in programming. I was excited going in, but unfortunately my first programming class in Pascal did not help me when I went into the next course that primarily focused on C. I dropped the class and changed my major. But by the end of my 3rd year, I was needing an extra course so I decided what the hell, and I took an introduction to C class. I fell in love! What I should have learned concept wise as a freshman I finally understood. Teachers can make or break a students love for something. I took a second course the following semester and thus I was going into Engineering School with a love for Programming.

After college I spent 4 years as an Electrical Engineer. I loved the math, and the circuits but the stress was getting to me. And it was just a job. When my husband and I decided to move to Mississippi to be closer to his son, I started pushing my love for code. I learned all about php, and WordPress in particular and started freelancing.

Now I'm versed in PHP, javascript, HTML, CSS, and various databases. I can hack my way through Python, Ruby and C# (meaning I can make something work with a lot of googling, and enough time to do it.)


My early years were spent in Denver, Colorado with my relatively normal upbringing albeit a strict one. We moved just before highschool to a small town in Upstate New York which I was not happy about. I spent 2 years hating it and then 2 years not really caring. College started out close to home but I still stayed in the dorms, tho I came home most weekends to do laundry. Three years later I found myself on Long Island going to an Engineering school where I was only a handful of women on campus.

I met my husband online at a Wheel of Time fan site, Dragonmount. He moved to New York, we got married, moved to Mississippi, and there we had two wonderful daughters who couldn't be more opposite from one another.


In my free time I like to write. My pen name is AJ Hunter and I write urban fantasy mostly. I do dabble a little in high fantasy and romance. My main character, Nox, has his own blog.

Other than writing, I do a mediocore amount of reading, and playing video games. My favorite genre to read is urban fantasy, but I like role playing games in general for video games. My favorite game franchise is Dragon Age.